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Welcome to CLEAR Concierge, a mobile eye clinic serving Dallas/Fort Worth

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By combining the latest technology with personal attention and simplified pricing, our mobile eye care units make sure you feel confident about how you see the world and the way it sees you.

Most eye care providers are selling convenience when what you really deserve is confidence. That’s why CLEAR is bringing the same high-quality experience found in our clinics to your front door.

Eye Exams & Medical Care

CLEAR takes time to listen to your concerns and conduct an unparalleled, comprehensive eye exam or medical care exam.

Personalized Guidance

Our expertly-trained opticians serve as your personal guides to the perfect fit for your lifestyle and look.

Transparent Pricing

Find affordable prices, get help understanding your insurance benefits, and understand all of the costs up front.

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Discover true confidence

You should leave your appointment feeling that your doctor cares about your eyesight as much as you do.

That’s why CLEAR’s Next-Level Eye Exams go far beyond the norm.

In addition to what you’d expect, we take a comprehensive look at the overall health of your eyes through our 5-Part Health Check.

What's included in every exam?

1) The Optomap Scan replaces dilation for most patients.

2) An OCT Scan provides early detection of retinopathy diabetes, macular degeneration, and glaucoma.

3) Automated Visual Field Testing identifies a key symptom of glaucoma.

4) A Topography Scan identifies a key cause of astigmatism.

5) Keratagraph Meibomography helps identify dry eye syndrome.

Who is CLEAR Concierge for?

What services are provided?

We bring our clinic experience to you

With our Concierge Mobile service, we take the same technology and frame selection offered in our clinics and bring it right to your front door.

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We use the latest technology to screen your eyes for potential threats, and we take the time needed to carefully address your concerns.

Find the Perfect Fit

You’ll have access to truly unique, exclusive eyewear, and we’ll make sure you find a custom product and fit that you can’t wait to show off.

Exams that go the extra mile

Expert guidance for selecting eyewear

Simplified pricing without surprises

Single-Vision Package

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