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Frequently Asked Questions

Make every visit great!

Some information is needed for new patients and certain documents are helpful, such as driver’s license, insurance information card, etc.

Our Doctors and opticians are well trained and able to assist and direct children of all ages with eye exams and glasses fittings.  

Routine eye exams are every 6 months and follow-up appointments can be booked after each appointment. Availability varies.

A copy of each prescription is available upon request at every appointment. 

By pre-shopping on our website, you can see the prices of exams and frames at an out-of-pocket expense, and we can determine insurance coverage as well as after insurance costs so there are no surprises when it comes to your bill.

We believe in clear vision for all; our 5 step digital screening program goes beyond the typical eye exam to determine early signs of unhealthy eyes and maintains eye health at a new level.