Dry Eye and Meibomian Gland Disease

Using the latest technologies and therapeutic treatments we can treat the symptoms and improve the health of eye glands for people suffering from Chronic Dry Eye or Dry Eye Syndrome. We image the tear producing glands of every patient to preempt any potential health issues.

Digital Vision Syndrome

The harshness of our modern digital lives can take its toll on our eyes and their health. DVS or Computer Vision Syndrome can be reduced by using innovative lens solutions designed to treat patients suffering from long hours of staring at glowing computer screens.

Digital Eye Exams

Proper diagnosis and accurate prescriptions start with a precision refractive analysis of your eyes. We use the latest generation of digital refraction technology to attain quicker refractions with precise data transfer, improved results and a better customer experience.

Ultra-Widefield Retinal Imaging

The retina is the only place on the body that blood vessels can be seen directly, and getting the best and biggest image is important to see small changes in the eyes. Our ultra-widefield retinal imaging gives us a view of almost 4-times the area of traditional scans.

Medical Contact Lens Fitting

Offering patients suffering from Keratokonus, post surgical and irregular corneal conditions a comfortable solution while restoring visual acuity is another way we strive to provide innovative products and services for our customers. KeraSoft is a patented and ground breaking answer for those suffering from these visual challenges.

Custom Contact Lenses

We always focus on the overall health and comfort of our patients and therefor prescribe bifocal and trifocal GP (gas permeable) contact lenses. These types of lenses offer better eye health because they do not contain water, do not dehydrate, will last longer, are easier to handle and provide crisper, clearer

Lasik Consultation

Patients considering corrective laser eye surgery can receive a preoperative exam and evaluation to determine candidacy for laser eye surgery and the best procedure. The consultation will provide recommendations based on eye health, general health, personal goals, expectations and lifestyle. Postoperative procedures are also available.

Cataract Consultation

We provide cataract surgery evaluations and consultations to help patients experiencing the results of cataracts determine the best surgical solution based on your situation and desired results. The new intraocular lens (IOL) implants available today can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and in some cases both.

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